Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of Service. To cancel service, Customer must provide a written 2-day notice of cancellation. Until notice of cancellation is received by us, and cancellation is finalized, service will continue and Customer will remain responsible for paying for said service or services. Please send notice to:


Service Termination. Upon expiration of Customer-provided notice of cancellation, services will terminate immediately.

Early Cancellation. Customer may cancel this agreement without penalty prior to commencement of service by providing written notice at least 2 days before the first scheduled service will take place.

Cancellation Fee. Service provider does not charge an additional cancellation fee.

Provider Initiated Cancellation. We reserve the right to cancel service if the Customer’s account remains delinquent for 5 days after the Customer is notified that the account has become delinquent.

Canceling Orders. Orders for items that are eligible for return may be canceled. For more information about item eligibility, please see our Return Policy. Orders may be canceled as follows:

Orders to be Shipped. Orders that will be shipped to the Customer may not be canceled. The Customer may return eligible items once they have been received. For more information about returns, please see our Return Policy.